January 31, 2019

Fallen Seal Remembered, My challenge swim across Tampa Bay.

On Sunday, January 13th, I was able to complete a swim across Tampa Bay in support of the Navy Seal Foundation. It was exciting and the most uncomfortable thing I've done in years. There were moments of fear, concern, along with friends and family suggesting it might not be a good idea. Lucky for me, there were plenty of folks that reached out and helped my effort. The effort was similar to my many food wins. It was always a team win. The reason I made it across included my physical preparation and training, but it was the support. I did the work and racked up the miles in my safe, warm, calm local pool but it was the support of a few special people that helped me finish. The swim was in honor of Lt. Michael McGreevy, Jr, Navy Seal who had passed in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan when his groups Chinook Helicopter was shot down.

For quite a while, before the dolphins swam with me, I could see Michael smiling at my progress sharing "you've got this."
My safety crew in kayaks, Mike and Paul, provided incredible support during a couple of the most difficult points in the swim.

My buddy Marc was a lifeguard on the Jersey shore, he provided my food and hydration plan and pointers for the actual swim. Jen had experience swimming Tampa Bay and offered much advice. It's amazing how triumphant it felt to exit the water and finish! It was particularly sweet to know so many had helped.   

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