November 4, 2017

Six Simple Screw-ups I Should Have Avoided

1. The best selling SKU of an item goes in the first position and rank determines next. Photos, lists and sampling during a
presentation included. Place the best seller closest to the buyer to touch and pick up. Buyers hate it in any other format. Make it easy.

2. Fonts must be big and easy to read. Can't read or easily see it, you have too much on the page.

3. Speak with the buyers vocabulary. If you don't know it, you have to figure it out.

4. Pictures, please. Give buyers visuals that tell or support your story and allows you to eliminate words.

5. Get introduced to the buyer. I've sold and helped drive $100's of millions in revenue with this simple process.

6. The buyer will likely never read your document again and never follow-up with you. It's all your fault and your job.

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If you are not doing this in your business, great, now is the time to begin.
Do you have any suggestions or tips on things you have learned? Let me know.

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