October 28, 2017

Crisis Cancelled For Fortune 500 Company

Rite Aid had a problem. They had purchased KB Drugs, a regional chain with 200 locations in 6 Southern states self-manufacturing their own brand of ice cream. K&B Drugstores made a well-regarded and much-beloved line of K&B Ice Cream; the most distinctive flavor being K&B Creole Cream Cheese ice cream. The ice cream plant would not continue after the purchase.

Lucky for me, this Fortune 500 company potential tragedy was the first project of my consulting company 20 years ago!

Everyone was concerned that the changeover of the ice cream could blow-up into a public relations and revenue fiasco. During this process, they actually accepted an exclusive deal from Pepsi that kicked out Coke products for a period of time before being forced by consumers to bring Coke back into the stores.

We solved it without a single customer complaint or notice that anything had changed. The key was in changing the ice cream formulas first, limiting the flavors and waiting a period of time, about a year, to then update the packaging and broaden the line to the new manufacturing facility.
The ice cream packaging from the new plant in Minnesota looked identical with only superficial minor changes to the recipes and ingredients. No one recognized the difference in product due to the identical packaging. We continued using the "old" packaging for about a year. If we had changed both the recipes and packaging in tandem, it would have likely created a firestorm.

This simple common sense idea marked the beginning of Tim Forrest Consulting. It's been an exciting 20 years.

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