February 23, 2017

How to Work Smarter and More Joyful

One of my mentors shared an insight about a very happy and productive friend that had been experiencing tremendous health issues and stress. He’s accomplishing more than ever, but works smarter and more joyfully now. If you want to know how he is so happy with all the toxicity in the world. This is what he told my mentor:

“First of all, I stopped watching the news. I quit all the subscriptions to newspapers that worried more about click-bait articles than actually informing me. So divorce yourself from any content that doesn’t support you on the mental or physical level you wish for.”

He’s also divided his time into smart consumption (30%) ) and creation chunks (70%).

Smart consumption: Only consume content that teaches new skills or entertains in an uplifting way, like an explanatory YouTube videos or stress-relieving Hollywood movies.

Creation: Timed periods (about 25 minutes a session, with little 5 minute breaks in-between) that is focused creation and NO access to the web. He used an app called Freedom, which allows you to block websites for the duration of your work.

Attention is one of the rarest goods in our busy online world right now. Choose wisely!

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