August 26, 2016

"Syndicated Data for Consumer Product Companies" just published on Amazon from Tim Forrest

I've just published my second book on Amazon this week - "Syndicated Data Glossary for Consumer Products."

 Syndicated Data Glossary for  Consumer Products

This Glossary is a helpful tool to utilizing the fullest value from syndicated data out of the registers of major retailers scan data.

After review, you will understand the basic components that go into building, reading and acting on syndicated data.

This data is used in making fact based decisions on product merchandising, marketing, placement, pricing, size and other attributes. The information is vital to consumer product company executives.

Walmart Glossary and Terminology.

If you are currently doing business with Walmart or looking to gain distribution my glossary of Walmart terms will assist your effort. 

Walmart Glossary and Terminology provides more than 1,500 terms used in marketing and review of product movement within the Retail Link program for suppliers. This is an excellent tool for suppliers, vendors and those seeking to expand or begin a relationship with Walmart and it's subsidiaries.

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