October 6, 2015

Justin Bieber Swimming with Sharks

If you watch TMZ, you might have seen the photos I sold them of Justin Bieber. It was an exciting experience. So how exactly did I end up doing a deal with TMZ in Hollywood since I had never sold celebrity photos?

First, it started with my retired pro-photographer cousin in Boston. After returning from shooting sunrises in the Exumas, I posted on my personal page a couple of the photos of Justin Bieber visiting the island and wading with the sandsharks. He sends me a note, "Tim, those pics have value. Take them down and sell them to the media."

I was unsure if they had value and if I could negotiate and or collect on their value, but I know how to sell and began the process.

1. Created a low resolution portfolio that I could easily email to any and all interested parties of the photos.

2. Created a striking headline for my presentation and the emails. "Justin Bieber Swimming with Sharks".

3. Built my target list of most likely candidates after a few minutes of research.

4. Went to the websites of my candidates and sent a quick note with the headline "Justin Bieber Swimming with Sharks."

5. Asked for $10,000 per photo.

Soon I was talking with various assistants in Hollywood and was able to select the best deal. Executed a signed agreement and they Fedex'd the funds. I did not get anywhere near $10,000 per shot for the 30 images but it was a nice bonus for the trip.

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