September 16, 2015

Two Simple Steps that Will Change Your World

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m looking out the window over the beach, crashing waves and ocean to see a grey sky and light rain falling. It’s a beautiful scene like every moment at the ocean. I am thankful for another day.
How in this world did loading food trucks get me to the beach? It’s a simple question and one looking back seems simple enough to answer. At the time, that was another story. It felt tragic in the moment but I persevered and had no idea the powerful impact that loading food trucks would have in my future.
Before I give you my two cents, I’ve been drinking water daily for about a year and half now and just had another big sip. :)
Back to the question. Besides pure, unaffected by me, hit the lottery luck that made doors open, opportunities happen, phone calls and customer purchases made for my clients benefit the answer would have to be written goals. I would not be celebrating my company’s 18th year of consulting progress without them in hand.
I can’t tell you why or how it works, but the process of writing your goals along with displaying them in a prominent location and for me carrying them with me everyday somehow makes doors open, phones ring and to do lists sing!
The second most valuable thing is I genuinely love helping people even at times to my detriment. There is always a bit of pride in knowing I helped build a business, gain authorizations or even assisted a friend in securing a job. It never occurred to me he would end up working for the agriculture minister of the largest European government and in turn hire me for multiple projects!
I have several commercially published books in my office from friends that I was lucky enough to play a role in their getting the book deal. One of the books I was instrumental in the name of the book. Along with client’s television network success and retail authorizations numbering the 100’s with many millions in revenue, my clients achieve their dreams. If I had the pizzazz and showmanship of my friend David Klein (creator of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans), I would have a NASCAR jacket made with all of my client successes on it and wear it daily For now, I am going to plan on adding these logos to my website and shout to the world “write your goals and help other people.”
Years ago Zig Ziglar sent me a personal note and it ended with “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
I’ve got to get to an appointment in 10 minutes. Catch you later.

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