September 6, 2015

Awareness, Take Action + Time = Success

In the 70's, growing up in Georgia I got to go onto the movie set of Smokey and The Bandit with Burt Reynolds (one visit ended up in the trailer of Mel Tillis with friends) along with classmates being extras in the movie. I had no idea my high school classmate's dad was building an industry for Georgia.

Just this month, 40 movies and TV shows are filming in Georgia.

100's of projects have filmed in Georgia with the largest studio in the US to open soon. How did it happen? My friends dad went onto the set of the movie Deliverance and noticed all of the money being spent on food and hotels. He spoke to the governor about the possibility of attracting more movies and they devised a simple plan offering incentives and ease of access for producers. 40 years later the movie industry had a Georgia $6 billion impact in 2014, is the fastest growing set location in the US with the largest studio in America under construction with an economic impact of over $6 billion last year.

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