August 31, 2015

Making Millions in Dual Calls

I've assisted companies sell and market millions and it's tough to do it alone. Often, I've built business with others in dual sales calls.
If you work with others in the field, go ahead and grab my checklist from below. It will improve effectiveness, results and revenue.

Conducting Effective Dual Calls

Plan the Call
o   Set Objectives
o   Specific
o   Measureable
o   Realistic
o   Mutually Agreed to
o   Agree on your roles
o   Specify the call process
o   Prepare all material
Conduct the call
o   Stick to your roll
o   Don’t compete
o   Execute your plan.
o   Follow UP
Review the call in detail
o   Reps view
o   Your view
o   Provide Constructive Feedback
o   Positives first
o   Concerns second
o   The goal is improvement
o   Determine if objectives were met
o   If not, why not?
o   If not, can it be saved?
o   Discuss Next Steps
o   Who is responsible?
o   When completed?
o   Follow-up
o   Send Email
o   Confirm Actions
o   Confirm Agreements
Common Problems with Joint Calls
o   Perceived as ‘checking up on the rep”
o   Bring out the salesman’s protective instincts
o   Time consuming
o   Salesman does not perceive payback.

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