August 13, 2015

Launch and Lead with Success!

Are you thinking about creating a product and marketing it to consumers?

Having introduced 100’s if not 1000’s of new products over the past 30 years, I can definitively share with you some of the areas that resulted in winners and the unfortunate losers.

Before you jump into investing, doing more research and building initial samples consider the questions that will determine your level of success and possible growth:

1. Does your product answer an unmet need?

2. How will you creatively with your branding offer a solution to this unmet need?

3. What are you doing to focus on the consumer that likes this product?

4. Where do consumers want to purchase this item?

5. Are your consumers searching for a solution?

6. If they aren’t searching for it, how will you create that impulse purchase?

7. How will you develop consumer awareness and connections?

8. How does your product perform against others in the current likely category?

In addition to asking questions, you should spend some time visiting various retail locations along with research online what is occurring in your specific category.

Good luck with your product introduction efforts. I would enjoy hearing about your product, send a note.

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