July 6, 2015

Years in the making! Jelly Belly creator and Famous Amos Podcast

If you have listened to and enjoyed the conversation between Jelly Belly creator David Klein and Wally Famous Amos you might not realize the years of effort that went into making this happen. We recorded a phone call. How difficult could that be?

Originally, in 2011 my hopeful plans were to have David Klein and Wally Amos on stage together and we would shoot a video and have an entrepreneur workshop with attendees Q/A.

My plans were to include two clients from Los Angeles in audience and discussions. I knew it would benefit them and be a fun time. Amazingly, I learned David and Wally had been prior friends and had not spoken in over 3 decades.

Wally had no near plans for a trip to Los Angeles and so I settled on a phone call.
We began the scheduling process and worked through 2012.

We continued the scheduling process and finally got a call complete in October of 2013. Almost two years in the making!

Listen now!
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