July 25, 2015

How to Get National Distribution with big Retailers!

I fielded a question recently "How do I get into a national chain account?" and this was my response. 

My suggestion is first go to the nearest local store near your home and ask them to stock your product.  The store should be appropriate for your product and consumer base. Be a success there and then add other locations. Work your way into every store and local home chain within your general home area.

Here is a quick overview of mapping your local area:

As you work on your opportunity, continue to ask yourself and plan to share the answers with your customers and buyers.

Does your product address an unmet consumer need?

Does your packaging along with your programs demonstrate a unique capability and effectiveness at getting notice from your target market?

Can you provide guidance to the buyer about the characteristics of your consumer and usage?

Will you know the best methods of retailing, your products seasonality if any, best locations in chain for your item, and provide merchandising and pricing guidance?

Can you demonstrate any current customer connections, testimonials or fans of your product?

Do you have a strong brand, will it perform against other companies at retail?

How will your company drive traffic to the category and store for your item?

What financial impact will your product have on the set, category and store? What will be your anticipated sales if purchased?

Can you handle an order of 26,000 units with 60 day terms, free goods and other programs?

Can you handle an email from your rebuyer sharing a mistake was made and they only needed 18,000 of the 26,000 order a week before delivery?

There are other methods but for 99,0000 times out of 100,000 this is the best way to go. 

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