June 10, 2015

Syndicated Data Terminology

Years ago, my desk was one of three in the company with direct access to Nielsen Scan Data for a major packaged goods company. Nielsen supplies syndicated data and understanding the terms is half the battle towards interpreting the data and taking action. 

Understanding syndicated data for your consumer product company begins with addressing the terms and concepts used to share value. Syndicated data companies provide information in four basic areas: Products, Time, Geography and various measured Facts. 

What is ACV?
% ACV Distribution
% ACV with Merchandising
% Discount
% Subsidized Volume
Absolute Change (Abs Chg)
Absolute Discount
All Commodity Volume (ACV)
Any Promotion
Average Items Carried (AIC)
Average Price
Base Price
Base Sales
Buying Rate
Competitive Retailer Marketing Area (CRMA)
Cum Weighted Weeks (CWW)
Display Execution
Dollar Sales
Equivalized (EQ) Sales
Incremental Sales
Market Share
Merchandising Condition
Merchandising Efficiency
Nitro software
Non-Additive Fact
Non-Promoted Price
Non-Promoted Sales
Percent Change (% Chg)
Point Change (Pt Chg)
Price per EQ
Price per Package
Promoted Price
Promoted Product Group
Promoted Sales
Purchase Frequency
Purchase Size
Quality Weighted Weeks (QWW)
Regular Price
Remaining Market (ROM)
Retailer Marketing Area (RMA)
Sales per $MM ACV (“Sales per Million”)
Sales per Point of Distribution (SPPD)
Shelf Price
Temporary Price Reduction (TPR)
Total Distribution Points (TDP)
Trade Promotion
Trading Area (TA)
Unit Sales

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