April 7, 2015

Get Instant Marketing Advice

Do you need some food marketing and sales help RIGHT NOW?  Let’s get down to business!
Most of the time, a business owner will have passion, drive, and a product that tastes amazing but they just need a nudge when it comes to sales and marketing …  A little tune-up perhaps!
Here’s a unique opportunity to tap into over 30 years of sales and marketing experience and put some jumper cables on your business.  Investing in a one-hour phone consultation with Tim Forrest can save you thousands in wasted hours and effort. Here is what a few clients have to say:
"Tim's vast knowledge of the food industry coupled with his creative talents made it easy for us to develop our identity and start out in the right direction." — Jason Shaw, Georgia Olive Farms
“I worked with Tim to create my yearly Business plan. After implementing Tim's ideas and Strategies I achieved immediate results and nearly doubled my business over the prior year." - Steve Nelson, Sales Manager
His extensive knowledge of business allowed me to grow an area of my business that is forecasted to, at the least, double my sales. —Russie Jones, CEO, Rely-A-Light
Tim recommended we raise our prices $3 per unit and we sold out in days! – Carrie Abbott, President – Newfangled Confections
“Tim’s extensive food background and creative insights were instrumental in leading our valuation efforts.  He was a great resource for our team.”  – Mike Conrad, President Zaycon Foods 
Get your business back on track, in front of the right buyers or get the confirmation you need to have the confidence you’re doing things right. The small investment of $200 can save you thousands and possibly earn you millions by delivering:
  • Focus – I can usually pinpoint a few critical problem areas by listening, probing, and helping you think through a strategy. I want to get down to business so you can have some realistic, actionable insights and answers.
  • Honest feedback – It doesn’t make any sense for me to make you feel good about a lousy business plan.  Do you have an idea for a product or business but need somebody other than friends and family members pumping you up? Call me for a reality check!
  • Strategic ideas for YOUR business - I’m known for generating realistic low-cost and interesting marketing ideas quickly.  I know what it’s like to work under pressure and within a budget.  Let’s think this through together.
  • Food Marketing starter kit – If you’ve already launched your food product and company efforts and want to take things to the next level, or you simply don’t know how to get to the next level, I can point you to some resources to help shorten the learning curve.
Click the button below to schedule your first consultation appointment. I can generally fit you in within a day or two. Let’s get to work!
If you desire an invoice, please send a note to tim (at) timforrest.com.

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