March 19, 2015

My son will not drive until he is 18, flying a plane at 12 is no problem.

How far along would you be in your business with better planning, communication and recognition of problems before they became major issues?

My son will not drive until he is 18, flying a plane at 12 is no problem.
From my perspective, there is little that can better prepare a kid for life and business than learning an activity where the stakes are so high and the rewards can be so wonderful.
Fortunately, he is around fantastic leaders and trainers that will keep him remain as safe as possible and on target with his training and efforts. All of the basic steps and processes fit into business planning and taking chances and risks for benefit. He is gaining real world instruction on applied goal setting and results.
  • Flight plans
  • Flight checklists
  • Communication Skills
  • Record Keeping
  • Recognize and resolve issues while they are tiny.
  • Learn to predict and anticipate for safety and benefit.
  • Avoid being emotional when making decisions.

These areas are a massive part of the training and will reap rewards in business life along with being a bunch of fun. If you want to see farther than your current horizons or facing an issue that my experience and expertise will provide value, send me a note and lets talk. 

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