March 19, 2015

Increase Food Sales with Great Content Marketing and Copy

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Grow your sales. A massive part of sales and marketing today happens online at your company website, in social media or in emails. Before purchase, your buyers check out your website. 

I've been fortunate to work with terrific copywriters and asked PJ to share some insights into sales copy that performs and gains the readers attention with strong analytics.

What is copywriting and why is it important to food companies today?

Copywriting is the craft of using the written word to move the prospect as close to the sale as possible, by empathizing with the reader, talking to their deepest needs and assuring them they can become a better version of themselves.
Food companies can definitely improve their sales, be it B2C or B2B, by employing powerful copywriting strategies in their advertising and marketing communications.

Where is it used nowadays? Many people think of radio advertising when you mention copywriting.

Copywriting is used in all types promotional material: web and print ads; classifieds; sales letters; advertorials; emails; brochures; fliers; case studies; websites; catalogs; ebooks; press releases; direct mails and more. Writing for radio advertising is part of a large gamut.

You did a powerful job on my Georgia Olive Farms case study and also my Food Labeling Resource Kit. What makes for good copy?

Georgia Olive Farms case study 

Food Labeling Guidelines Resource Kit USA Food Labeling Resource Kit.

Good copy is irresistible! It makes you want to take the suggested action: call, order, email or something similar. Like a slippery slope, good copy leads the reader step by step towards the sale strategically by grabbing their attention with an irresistible headline; showing how the advertised product solves a deep problem readers have; giving them plenty of reasons to take up your offer; addressing their biggest concerns; dispelling their fears, uncertainties and doubts confidently; borrowing credibility; offering social proof; supporting your case using plenty of testimonials; offering a risk-free guarantee; and answering all their questions even before they ask; and most finally, asking them to take specific, positive action right now.  

Based on the promotional medium, it contains as many elements from the above list as possible.  

Can you provide an example or two of good and bad copy in regards to food companies?

Okay, here is an ad that embodies the effective copywriting strategies I mentioned earlier. ad good 1
Here’s one that doesn’t work because it sounds to be clever, but doesn’t tell why anyone should consider it.
ad bad

Here’s an excellent ad with copy by One Degree Organics.

Is it really important? What results can you share on your work.

Advertising is succinctly expressed as “salesmanship in print”. Think about it - can you make a sale by being silent? Or just by standing in a corner dressed in pretty clothes? Doesn’t your salesman have to smile, listen, show, explain, cajole, clarify, promise, guarantee to make a sale? I hope you’d agree. An ad has to work similarly and copywriting is how you do it.
The case study I wrote on Georgia Olive Farms gets some of the best open rates and clickthroughs on the site. I’ve written sales letters that generate highly qualified leads from strangers.

What is the best method to work with a copywriter?

Look at them as an integral part of your own team. Feed them with as much information as possible. The more you share, the more powerful and creative copy you’ll receive for your project. Don’t hold anything back. And always work with a direct response copywriter.

What is your process of putting together an effort for a food company?

While different types of marketing communication require specific efforts, what everything will have common is: getting to know your product intimately - benefits, strengths, uniqueness; its intended audience; its positioning.

How can interested people contact you?

Thanks. My email address is and you can check out my more examples of my work at I’m happy to learn more about your situation and assess if my services would assist you in your growth.

Thanks PJ. If you have a big presentation, writing effort or website update in the works, send PJ a note.

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