March 6, 2015

Don't Build a Food Plant. Grow Your Business.

A friend of mine created raised the funding and built Road Atlanta. Recently, he tried the same approach in the food business. His product never took off. He was forced to contract package for other food companies to keep the facility operating.

Why? He invested his available funds in constructing a plant instead of selling to customers and marketing to consumers. He had little to no time for marketing and customer presentations along with building capacity for consumer demand that had yet to materialize.

Inspired during a down moment in his life, he dreamed of creating a food industry winner. Dave created a food product and bottled it, built one of the finest cleanest food plants in the state. The consumers did not flock to his doors. He never utilized the plant capacity for his visionary product. He spent much of his time at the plant. 

What happened to his product? It never accounted for more than 18% of the plant volume.

Develop your market, grow your consumer base and contract package until you reach the necessary threshold.

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