March 10, 2015

Alligator Feed, Not Me!

I didn't want to end up as alligator feed when I took on a project to clean house and grow sales with a multi-plant Louisiana food processor. I took many precautions when working with this opportunity. They were losing millions per year and had organized a theft ring that was stealing truckloads of product from the corporation. We fixed the business, grew it to profitability. It was an exciting time.

What did I do in those 18 months to move the needle on this organization:

Began asking....
Asked buyers for more space and more orders.
Asked the sales team to push for more sales.
Built incentives focused on the most profitable items.
Added a few hard working and diligent folks to the team.
Made sales calls and rode with the entire team in each market.
Asked the team in meetings and one on one how it was going.

We turned it around and began making big profits. It all began with the simple action of asking. 

Are you asking for those items that will build your success?

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Photo Credit: finchlake2000 via Compfight cc
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