February 10, 2015


Are you excited to see you product in a display or on the shelf after having sold it into a retailer? It just feels good. That placement is a physical reminder of what you have been working hard to achieve – success for your product. That success will only happen with consumer take away.

Too often, getting your product on the shelf and into distribution does not yield the expected results. Yes, you made it past the buyer and onto the shelf. Your customer is sold and is taking a chance you have the goods and the right item for their shoppers.

But are you doing the work necessary to be successful? Ideally, the stores consumers should already be aware of your product with the desire to purchase. If not, you need to get busy educating shoppers that you are on the shelf and available for purchase.

A better tasting product, one facing on the shelf and attractive packaging are not the answers to getting your product off the shelf.  Sitting on the shelf is just that, sitting on the shelf. You need to take action to get your product off the shelf, into the shopper’s basket and hopefully into your consumers mouth.

Look at the photo at the top of the page. Do you notice the regional brand Cheerwine cola competing with the national brands at only one facing? They might be the best tasting and coolest designed item in the set. Also, it appears to be one of the only items with sales but it is not a marketing event. You are not gaining new customers with one facing, no signage and being hidden within an explosion of national brands and colors.

It is best described as a storage location for Cheerwine consumers. What are you doing to increase consumer take away?

There are literally unlimited styles and signage sizes available to market and display your product offering. How are you going to connect a dangler or highlight your product offering in some method on the shelf?

With food products, nothing gets more attention and interaction than samples. If your product tastes great, then set up displays with the opportunity to demo your item and gain new consumers.

Are you sampling customers and engaging consumers at events and gatherings with your branded product in the market area?

Think about who are your best consumers and reward them with coupons along with retailer locations.

Any additional facings or maximizing the physical awareness and prominence of your item in store will generate bigger sales. Think about holidays and events along with themes when approaching display 

How do you impact takeaway in your retailers and foodservice locations? Send me a note tim (at) timforrest.com. 

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