February 12, 2015

Let's Get Started. Save $100 Today on the 6 Session Package.

Food Business Growth & Answers in less than an Hour!

Are you wrestling with issues and information on how to grow your food business? I’ve been growing companies while helping others improve their game by millions. I’m here to answer your questions and help you figure out your food marketing plan or project and action going forward with finesse, speed, and success.

This week I am offering a special $100 off the 6 session package to get you started and applying my insights and introductions for your food business. 

Maybe you’re just starting out with your company–or you haven’t even started, yet. Or, maybe you’ve been in the food business for and now it’s time to get serious about your growth or you want to know how to increase by millions. You could spend huge amounts of time floundering around trying some effort or making calls with little or no headway.
Or you could…
· Talk to me–a food veteran of the worlds largest food companies–on the phone and get answers, guidance, strategies, and tactics, which means you can truly succeed with your company.
· You share in my experience and expertise to help you overcome obstacles, which means you can succeed at least twice as fast than if you were on your own and in methods you might have only dreamed about previously within budget.
· Get my help over the phone as we review together your situation, which means you’re getting specific answers and suggestions about your issue and company that face you now with solutions that will work and have worked for others.
Sounds pretty good. Who could possibly offer such a fine service?
Why, that would be me. :)
Live with Tim, In-Person Over-the-Phone Business Help Consultations
The best help I can offer you, which has the biggest impact and makes a real difference in your company, is to help you with business strategies and tactics by talking with you, answering your questions, and giving you actionable, specific help with your business–and how you can reach your personal company goals.
Experience Breakthrough Moments
There are these moments when clients and I speak together on the phone when they finally understand something vital about their food business that had been eluding them. There’s just something about working with another person as you both work on an issue and talk strategy—it creates breakthroughs.
You can ask me any question, you can be at any stage in your company, from beginner to billion dollar marketer. We can talk about anything from packaging, finding a good broker, to promotions that work, store branding, retail segments, and anything in between. Strategy stuff, marketing, and technical stuff, it’s all good. Think of what your most burning question is about your business: ask me that.
Our Session is Recorded so You Don’t Have to Worry
These consulting calls are recorded. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything or taking notes. You can download the call and listen to it as often as you like. In fact, I suggest you not take notes during the call so you can concentrate without distraction. Then, listen to the call recording several times and take notes when you do. You will have much better notes and you’ll be able to confidently execute your plan from them.
What We Can Talk About
What kinds of topics do we talk about? That’s partly up to you, but you can be sure I’ll ask you some questions and offer suggestions based on what I see in your product and what you’re trying to accomplish. Some possible ideas include:

“Speed the Business” Programs
Planning how to grow your business.
How to make money with your product

Retail and Club Store Opportunities

Success with QVC, HSN, or Food Network

International and hidden Food Customers.

Social Marketing Strategy

Grocery Market Must’s
The ‘gotcha’s’ to avoid with retailers and brokers.
Working with Food Brokers and Store Brand Options
Becoming a Preferred Store Brand Marketer and Process.
Paid Sampling Opportunities and Niche Opportunities
Available government programs for export and growth
Here’s how it works

1. You click the button below for the package of sessions best for you.

2. In the secure PayPal form which follows, you can place my email address tim@timforrest.com into the To:________________ space and add your email address below in the From: location and add amount.

3. I write you back and we set up a time for us to talk. My hours for calls are set around your schedule. To work around your schedule, our calls can even take place at night or the weekend.

4. When that time comes, you will have access to all my expertise, contacts, and experience and we rock it and you come away from it brimming with answers, ideas, know-how, connections, and next steps.

5. Return to step 1 and repeat as necessary.


Simply click on the Paypal button below for how much time you want. The more you get in advance, the more you save.
  • 3, 30-MINUTE SESSION FOR $215
  • 2, 30-MINUTE SESSION FOR $150

Pick Your Food Growth Package - 6 Sessions Best Value!

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© Tim Forrest 2015. All rights reserved
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