January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! "Make it so!"

As I am reflecting on the year in front of us this afternoon it occurred to me how lucky I am today.
I've lived on an island in the Atlantic Ocean for the past 7 years where my dress code when not traveling or presenting has been shorts and flipflops.
My children are healthy and growing and I am healthy.
People ask me to help with their food enterprises and be a part of their dreams.
I have some of the most amazing and supportive friends, associates, supporters and board members. They give me more than I could ever ask for or expect.
I can attribute that every one of my failures and mishaps was directly due to a wrong decision I made.
What success I have is attributable to the incredible mentors and wonderful clients that I have been fortunate to connect with over time.
I get to take and share photographs of my sunrise with 1,000’s each morning. (www.islandsunrises.com)
I know that no matter how tough it might appear at times there are many more that have it way harder than I do in the world.
I am not confused, I know that all of my blessings and along with client successes and along with my life are given to my by the grace of god.
I could go on forever about the many blessings in my life.
Take some time today and think about how beautiful the blessings in your life are right now. How fortunate and lucky you are to be living now and today. Look back and see what you have accomplished this year and realize the work you have put in day in and day out in all of 2014.
You have a New Year ahead!
You have work to do and effort to put forward!
You have friends and family at your side!
You have me rooting for you!
You can do this!
Happy New Year.

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