December 21, 2014

Podcast: Selling Your Food Enterprise: Food Mergers and Acquisitions with Julian Wild

Audio: Selling Your Food Enterprise with corporate finance partner Julian Wild of Rollits. 

In the quick discussion, Julian Wild discusses his career of preparing and building agreements to sell food companies. In his almost 4 decades of experience, Julian has managed the process of mergers and acquisitions in the food sector accounting for billions in exchanged value. He also will share the one item that seems to slow invariably all food company acquisitions.

His overview tips and advice include:

  • Begin planning on your company sale well in advance of the event. 
  • The preferable time frame to begin planning would be at least 3 years prior to sale.
  • Get your books in order. 
  • Build up your portfolio of worthy customer accounts.
  • Your sales should be on an upward trajectory from the prior three years.
  • Have a sound management team in place.

We also gain insight into how McDonalds manages their supplier relationships along with their open books policy. It is interesting to confirm their other policy on written contracts with major suppliers.

Julian will discuss with Tim the biggest downsides and financial exposures a food manufacturing company can face too.

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