December 30, 2014

I love this stuff! Value Creates Opportunity and Growth.

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I love this stuff. Most successful innovative foods began in a single deli or small retail location and often consumer direct. Nutella, the wonderful spread, began in a small neighborhood Italian bakery using locally grown and convenient hazelnuts to extend recipes that called for expensive chocolate and short supply cocoa. It was a hit and the bakery began selling more and more of their chocolate-hazelnut extender "Nutella" products to their customers.
Today it is available in 160 countries and has made the bakery owning family the richest in Italy with an estimated wealth of $26 billion.

First find value, locate a need with your target consumers and don't worry about the size of your initial sales. Once accepted you can immediately ramp up as you move into additional outlets, new territories and possibly international markets.

If you have a value driven product, I would enjoy learning about your plans.

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