September 2, 2014

The Food Business is a Full Contact Sport!

The food business is a full contact sport. Competitive? An average grocery store like Publix, Safeway, or Kroger stocks about 45,000 items. Last year, 25,000 new food items were introduced to the market. Patent and Intellectual Property Rights? Almost none exist, the only proprietary aspect of a food item is the package. Profits? We as Americans are spending close to half what we paid for food in the 70's as a total percentage of income.Why the interest - $1.4 Trillion in sales last year along with personal passion. 

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The products that succeed in the marketplace have found a unique method to fill a consumer need and sourced the ability and know-how to get their product into the marketplace and with success. With 1,000's of great product ideas and new improved items, you will only break clear of the other 25,000 new products with a clear and obvious value message, packaged right for the market, and presented in a very precise, food industry specific and direct manner. 

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