September 23, 2014

PODCAST: David Klein's Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Food Business!

David Klein shares with Tim Forrest his top 10 tips for growing any food enterprise in this quick 20 minute podcast. David has worked over 4 decades in the industry and is the founding creator of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Listen as David discusses sales, packaging, manufacturing, pricing, and merchandising insights garnered from a lifetime of product introductions.

David's Top Tips for Growing Food Business
1.       Get a domain, more important in some respects than a trademark.
2.       Find a copacker, don’t invest in your plant in the beginning. Build sales not plants.
3.       Review catalogs and journals from other industries, competitors, for product ideas.
4.       Sampling is vital, this is the food business.
5.       Lower pricing is not a promotion. Never lower prices. 
6.       Talk to other food companies to find Specialty Food Brokers
7.       Sell local in your state to small accounts, forget Target, Walmart, and the big guys.
8.       Price Premium, Jelly Belly retailed for $2 per pound when the industry was at .50 lb.
9.       PR – do it yourself, they are looking for things to write about, weird, unusual, extravagant.
10.    Try many new things, most will not work and will not be around in a year.

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