September 9, 2014

Get Your First Food Product Fit for the FDA and Shelf-Ready In No Time.

Get Your First Food Product Fit for the FDA
And Shelf-Ready In No Time

Tim Forrest, America’s Leading Food Marketing Consultant, Shares For the First Time His Personal Checklist, Processes and Resources He Uses For Million-Dollar Consulting Clients.

Without a 100% shelf-ready product there are no buyer meetings. Without prospecting there are no sales. Without sales there is no food business.
Having a product 100% shelf-ready makes it a lot easier for you to sell to food buyers and brokers. And there are many elements to it, and it can take a very long time to do it without proper guidance. An experienced food marketing consultant would charge a few thousand dollars for this information. I've earned 1000's sharing this knowledge with manufacturers. You can get the same information through a resource kit I've put together for first-time manufacturers.

Fit for FDA Resource Kit

My “Fit for FDA” presentation will walk you step-by-step through the crucial requirements and procedures you need to fulfill to get your product to FDA standards. It also includes the definitive checklist to get your product shelf-ready. This resource kit is designed to save you days of work and thousands of dollars.
The kit includes:
  1. Fit For FDA Powerpoint presentation in PDF format: Overview all of the required elements and suggestions for your label design and effort.
  2. Nutritional Analysis Label template defining size and layout. This template will provide specific detailed instructions for your designer to meet the exact sizing and layout requirements specified in the FDA procedures.
  3. Required and non-essential, but recommended food label elements. This list will show you exactly what is required by law and what is suggested for marketing purposes. You will find this helpful in not missing critical elements of a food label and what consumers and retail buyers are seeking when they read labels.
  4. Link to my nutritional analysis supplier for your label. My years of experience in working with clients to build their labels has resulted in my sourcing one of the best and most economical nutritional analysis suppliers. This one tip could literally save you $1000’s of dollars on your label design effort.
  5. Special value on ordering UPCs. If you are just getting started with your product, we have a special value on securing UPC barcodes for your food product included with this package.
  6. Ask Tim. Once you have begun the process, Tim will be available by email to address any specific questions or offer his food insight on your food product. This is a limited time offer.

Bonus: Links to suppliers that can provide the necessary information and needs for your label.

Only $28.00. Buy Now!

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