June 12, 2014

Account Planning Checklist

Are you seeking growth with an account? When building an account plan and seeking growth with your retail and foodservice customers, consider multiple areas for your best opportunities at growing your business. As a food marketing consultant, here are the questions I run through  with my clients in anticipation of building an account plan.

The following 31 questions will offer insight into top areas to investigate when building your plans.

Account Planning Checklist

Store Locations
o   Number of locations?
o   How does the chain identify different store types?
o   What are the store sizes and planograms or menus in each of the location types?
o   What is the market share in each market served?
o   What is the chains ACV?
o   Do all locations operate under a single banner or brand?

o   When is the Category Review Date?
o   How many planograms does the account have for the category and store types?
o   How do I know which planogram goes with which store?

o   What trade promotions are most impactful at the account?
o   How are demos managed and costs of each at the account?
o   All costs associated with ads, features, and reductions in retail price?
o   When do you have resets and retags in the category?
o   What is the ordering process and timing?

o   Who are your best consumers?
o   Who are the buyers on my category?
o   Who handles the repurchase of my items?
o   Who are the managers and team members in the stores over my category?
o   Who  is the distribution team responsible for getting my items to market?

o   What programs should we be aware of from the distributor?
o   What markup does the distributor or self-distributing retailer add for warehouse?
o   What are the costs of distribution?
o   Is there an annual distributor show and what are the costs?
o   How many distribution centers service your chain?

o   What annual and upcoming events are listed on the website?
o   Does the account have videos on the website that might provide promotional opportunities?
o   Does the account offer recipes online?
o   Is there an email newsletter to inform consumers about our item?
o   How does the retailer share specials and promotions on their website?
o   How can we leverage the accounts social media for our benefit?
o   What other opportunities are evident on the website?

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