April 11, 2014

Are you Growing Your Food Enterprise in Steps?

It's been an exciting day as I just received word from a client that our market strategy has paid off in a huge return for his brand and and distribution success. The results are massive for his current enterprise but will be manageable as he grows to accomodate this new business that we planned for and executed against together.

Also, I received a nice gift in the mail from a client based overseas. We have worked together for a couple of years as he expands and is adding six new lines to accommodate his growth and new distribution. We are achieving in the right direction. We are avoiding the success traps and easy marks that can so easily throw us off course. 

My efforts with both clients are quite simple. We discussed what they wanted to accomplish, firmly listed where they were in process, and then mapped manageable steps in reverse from their actual goal. In one context, the steps might be small when compared to the primary goals. Yet, it is understood we are gaining on our massive goals and finding success along the way. 

We are on the right track and pushing forward to achieving the points outlined in our plan. Are you on track in your plan and path to achieve your goals? tim (at) timforrest.com 

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