March 26, 2014

Ocean Photo Provides Clues to Growing Your Food Business

Surprisingly, my daily ocean photos provide clues to growing your food business.

Before I head into the office each morning which overlooks the Atlantic ocean surf, I enjoy going into the water and taking a photo of the sunrise.

This effort has grown organically and with my assistance now reaches 1000’s of people each day. Eastern Surf Magazine included an article on my Island Sunrise photos along with the television network The Learning Channel.  Also my photos have found commercial success with sales for use in regional and national online advertising. My calendars have sold out for two years running and are on target to have their biggest year ever for the 2015 release.

When you consider that I have no prior photography education or professional experience with photography it appears quite remarkable.  The secret lies at the other end of my work and that is with the viewers.

Why the success?

Product Innovation

Beside being pretty photos, my Island Sunrises photos offer a solution to my unmet needs and the groups unmet needs. They provide value that was not there before the introduction of Island Sunrises and in a manner that is easy for them to access.

When thinking about the success of your product and it’s future, it might be helpful to more fully examine the needs of your target consumers. Here are some questions that help me to flesh out the needs and wants of my target audience.  These are the questions that helped me to move a commodity producer in the Dominican Republic away from their private label offerings and onto the road of branded consumer products.

What needs, wants, and desires does your product answer?
Where is the unmet need?
Is your product fighting another player or established brand to fill the same need?
What desire or benefit as a function or an emotion in your consumers does your product satisfy?
Are you creating new markets for your product?
How will you educate new consumers about your product offering?
How are you defining the needs of the consumers?
Are you building a new category of product for consumers?
Does your product completely address the consumers need?
Are your consumers delighted with your product?
What are the attributes your consumers seek in a solution?
What problems do your consumers encounter that would suggest your solution?
Why is your product an ideal solution for your core consumers?
Do you have images of your ideal consumer enjoying your product?

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