February 18, 2014

Tim Forrest Clients Sign deals with Random House.

It is powerful to see the results and rewards of sound business planning and a market focus. 

This past Christmas season two of my clients introduced their cookbooks nationally with much success via separate Random House publishing divisions. 

Over 400 books were sold at this one signing in Dallas, Texas by food client.
The steps and actions we took to provide a map and the consumer piece was instrumental to further results on down the line. For Alex, we changed the name of his company to more quickly communicate with his consumers the value of his products, placed him on QVC television, and the new name of his company became his book title.

My other client used their book as a means to solidify her position as the leader in the category and further expand her brand message. 

What actions are you taking to grow your food business? Send me a note or a comment to Tim,  

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