February 27, 2014

Success with Food Brokers! Thrive! Preferred Principal Process

Just returned from an awesome off-site mountain retreat in Cary, North Carolina sharing my Thrive! Preferred Principal Process for working with Food Brokers. 

My food client is #1 nationally in market share and sales for their food category and has experienced significant success. Their winning momentum moves forward as they continue to invest in their people, facilities, and processes.

The course Thrive! Preferred Principal Process is focused on food broker management best practices for food processors. It is one of my most successful programs and offerings to clients. The insight, process, and direct way of looking at the sales process leads to bigger sales with greater speed.

My process was very deliberate as we discussed methods and scenarios for optimum performance when working with food brokers.
  • Understand the characteristics of a Thrive! Preferred Principal Broker Manager.
  • See the benefits of becominging a Thrive! Preferred Principal.
  • Be able to define the role that the broker manager plays in establishing any company as a Thrive! Preferred Principal with food brokers.
  • Learn techniques to utilize the broker management process to the benefit of the broker, your brands, and the managers.
In preparation for the meeting, I always ask the managers to prepare real world scenarios from their region.

It was fast paced and action filled! 

At the end of the meeting, everyone in the room (including me!) had a much stronger insight into food brokers, their decision matrix with principals, and best case methods for achievement with food brokers in their regions.  

If you or your team works with food brokers and have an interest in learning more about my Thrive Preferred process send me a note. 

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