February 15, 2014

Here’s what you do to get on the shelf fast!

If you don't understand the retail set, you can forget about new authorizations.

For almost 30 years, walking into a retail location has included "checking the set." It rolls over into my personal visits to any retailer and reviewing their layouts, size of departments, along with merchandising initiatives and displays.

My eyes see issues and opportunities that others can easily miss if they don't have the same experience or expertise with retailers and market programs.

Why spend so much time visiting retailers and reviewing retail sets?

Purpose of Retail Audits
·         Source of Information
·         Analyze Market Conditions
·         Problems/Causes
·         Retail Execution
·         Communications
·         Frequency of Coverage
·         Competitive Information
·         Follow-up

What should you look for?
·         Distribution
·         Inventory
·         Shelving
·         Pricing
·         Merchandising
·         Competitive Merchandising
·         Stock Rotation
·         Promotions
·         Signage
·         Facings

And always pick a spot where your item is going onto the shelf. Which item or items will you find to remove from the set for your new authorization and distribution?

What retailer audit actions are you taking to grow your business? Send a note or comments to Tim, I want to hear about your success!

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