January 21, 2014

Tim's Grocery Retail Index Coefficient - Easily Discover a Grocery Chain's Sales Numbers for Your Category!

Curious about category food sales in a retail grocery store or chain and you don’t have access to the actual figures?

Years ago, I built a simple index coefficient to help me gauge category sales for any retail chain of stores. With my index, it provides a mechanism to build category sales forecasts and more fully understand opportunities when I have limited information for various reasons.

To use my index coefficient you will need to have available the USA’s national category sales for an item. Trade Journals and associations often publish this information in annual reports of the industry. Also, I put together this document that shares the top 50 Categories in food - http://bit.ly/LBeVh3
Tim’s Grocery Retail 10 Store Index Coefficient = .000285709

A 10 Store Chain will sell approximately $2.5 million in beer over the course of a year based on this information when it is understood that annual US Beer sales are about $9 billion. It is easy to adjust this number to a 100 store chain or even a single grocery store.

My hope is this Grocery Retail Index Coefficient assists your planning and success in the coming year.

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