January 10, 2014

Food Photography Amps Food Sales - Tim Forrest speaks with award winning food photographer Nicolai McCrary

PODCAST Interview with Food Photography Nicolai McCrary

Food Photography drives sales and provides a sensory experience to 1,000's of people via media without the effort and fuss of live sampling.  Good food photography has saved my clients many $1,000's of dollars in promotion expense and driven record new sales volumes. His clients dropped using their iphones and now incorporate professional food photos to drive sales and dishes.

In this quick podcast interview we talk with award winning Food Photographer Nicolai McCrary. His work is featured in Zagat, Southern Living, GQ, and Food and Wine. One of his photos was chosen by Google as the best of the year. 

See more of Nicolai's work and contact Nicolai at www.nicolaieats.com.

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Appeared in Southern Living

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