November 11, 2013

U.S. Debt Reduced for the First Time in Six Years!

The US debt is reduced for the first time in six years. I keep sharing the US is about a $17 trillion economy, far far ahead of China (almost double), and many US companies are bringing service and manufacturing back to the US. Our growth over the last couple of years is equal to the entire GDP of Saudia Arabia! Energy independence is almost upon us and all this is happening despite the Washington mess! 

It is a glorious time to be innovative and productive. Oh wait, don’t look now, but the stock market is almost 4,000 points above its current 12-month low, having set another record. Housing, auto, and manufacturing are up along with sales of luxury goods! Yes, there are people out of work and struggling and still much progress to be made. Look at the week ahead with optimism and progress because your family, clients, friends, the world, and everyone needs you to make the best use and most of these times.

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