September 20, 2013

Georgia Olive Farms discusses working with Tim Forrest.

"Tim Forest was our marketing consultant when we started discussing brand design and marketing strategy. He turned out to be the perfect person to help us get started.  His vast knowledge of the food industry coupled with his creative talents made it easy for us to develop our identity and start out in the right direction...

I’ve never called Tim with a question that he didn’t know exactly how to handle. He is a trusted professional who is very respected in the industry.

I still think that was the best decision we ever made when we signed on with Tim during the beginning stages of our company. He helped us set up everything we needed and made sure we we’re doing everything right. We started out with such a great plan that was designed by Tim Forrest. That start is why we have been able to achieve so much in such a short period of time.

Georgia Olive Farms is now recognized as one of the leaders in the domestic olive oil industry. We we’re the first group to commercially  produce olives and olive oil on the East Coast and our company is currently undergoing our biggest expansion to date as we construct our newest milling operation that will be operational before our fall harvest.

We at GOF will always owe a lot of our success to Tim Forrest. He helped us lay the groundwork so we could be successful.

I would recommend Tim to any company who is looking to partner with a true professional consultant who can help lead you down the right path to success."


Jason Shaw
Founding Partner
Georgia Olive Farms

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