August 12, 2013

Fast Start Marketing

Do you have a new product that provides unprecedented value and unique benefits to retailers and consumers alike?

Are you attempting to find distributors and partners to further your growth and success in a more rapid ascension to sales success?

If you want to get down to the essentials of what has to happen on your journey, think and act PCC. This can also be an excellent blueprint to setting up and organizing your upcoming trade show.

1. Prove It
Sample, get the product into their hands and allow them to experience the benefit. Let the customer provide the experience and evaluation of your product prior to the sale. They will believe their own response to your product. Once they have accepted your benefit, they are reluctant to give it up too.

2. Connect
You will have to connect with the buyer in a trusting and respectful manner or forget about the opportunity. There are too many options for the buyer’s attention and time to deal with jerks or people that think they have the only answer. Treat them well and as a partner in the process for your best results.

3. Convert
Talk the buyers language and know what is needed to progress the conversation to the next step of closing the business. If you do not know the next step, find out and do everything possible to remedy and support any necessary needs to progress to that point.

Carry out these three steps with the real buyers in the arena of your value and  you will close far more sales than ever before using PCC. I have used these three steps repeatedly to upset entire categories with new product introductions and you can too. 

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