July 31, 2013


10 quick pointers from my efforts growing food companies. 

  1. Quit trying to be better than and start nailing it with being the best at your value and ability.
  2. Don't spend on marketing and you will be building a category ripe for private label success by retailers owning the consumer.
  3. Remember, buyer questions and interruptions are signs of purchase interest.
  4. Find a trend and market your product to that growing need. Forget about fads, they are easy to see and quick to disappear.
  5. What are you doing to increase consumption?
  6. Does your product deliver unmet consumer need?
  7. Don't fall in love with your recipe, package, or methods. The consumer only cares about their needs.
  8. Do you have a complete product marketing sheet? http://bit.ly/Q1lWSB
  9. Do you have an email list of your consumers?
  10. Are you prepared for the buyer’s question, "can we have an exclusive on your item?"

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