March 15, 2013

Are You Gaining Exposure for your Food Brands?

Are you seeking opportunities for recognition and awards for your food product?  Do you enter local contests, state contests, food shows, fairs, and events that offer prizes and awards?  

Opportunities abound for your product to receive awards and recogntion. It was an exciting few days in Atlanta participating and judging the best food products for the State of Georgia. The value for the winners will include local, state, and in some cases national media attention and publicity for their food products and brands along with opportunities to meet industry buyers and expand their businesses.

This event marks my 8th year of participation as a judge and it was special to receive a 'thank you' from the governor for my service.

 Entering events similar to the Flavor of Georgia provides publicity and exposure for your company that would cost 10's of thousands of dollars and allows you to sample consumers on your great tasting items.

About Flavor of Georgia
The Flavor of Georgia food product contest is an annual celebration of all the flavors Georgia has to offer. Market-ready prototypes or commercially available food products from across the state are judged and critiqued by a panel of food experts.Congratulations to the 2013 Winners and Finalists !! For more information and the list of winners and finalists, visit the website.

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