January 16, 2013

Plan Your Success, Delegate Actions!

Tim on the island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea for food client.

Are you moving forward with planned successes and strategy in your food business?

How will you delegate to workers and contractors to help you labor through the issues of growing your food brand and company development if you have not determined your course of action and listed the steps needed to find success. This site timforrest.com and my insight will help you to navigate the growth of your food business and the retail and special markets channels with finesse.

You are the one instrumental to the growth of your business and success. Right now, you are the best chance of success for your brand and company and with your leadership bring folks on board that can follow in your enthusiasm and direction of growing the business. In order for you to lead, it is incumbent that you understand the situation and what is required for success in general for your products. 

If someone else takes your product to the finish line and brings home the success without your leadership and direction, they begin to think and know they are the pivotal part of the business and curious why they need you?  Eventually, they will not need you. 

My view - you find the answers and delegate the 'to do list' to others as necessary and seek their involvement.  Who else will care as much as you and who could you find to do this? Lets discuss. Send me a note email

Also, consider taking taking my Master Food Marketing Class and seeking my counsel on your food growth:Link: Master Food Marketing Class.

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