November 28, 2012

Client Awarded 'Best in America!'

My clients succeed via innovation and process along with having the smarts to hire me to navigate the various opportunities and barriers on the road to success.  The basics of getting started on my methods are simple and you can take advantage of this process now with my notes below and further information on this site

The recent choice by Esquire Magazine of one of my clients had me thinking about the success my clients find along with the process we use in building the effort.

As an overview, my start process includes the building blocks to a successful sales campaign. Your product is the key to all of this working well. Your product must be innovative, desired and demanded by a large enough segment to garner results, and offer it up in a manner and with the right messaging to the trade to find success.
  • Innovative Product with Demand
  • Process for Action
  • Provide Solutions to Buyers, Not Product
  • Review and Adjust
  • Take Action

Innovative Product
In this market you are faced to innovate and offer solutions to consumers like never before. There are literally 1000’s of awesome new products and opportunities for buyers to purchase items for their location. The incremental improvements and slightly better new product ideas are brought to market by the biggest companies in the sector. Your product will need to rock the world with innovation and value.

Process for Action
My simple sales tracking system has generated millions in sales and success for clients and those with an incredibly full schedule. This will work on paper or an excel spreadsheet or online solution and the goal is to track every lead in-process through to the buy stage efficiently. You can also download the spreadsheet at this link -  The mechanics of tracking this process does not matter as much as using the tools available to track the flow through the process. Your goal is to progress each account forward to the next step and final purchase. Skip a step at your own jeapordy!

 The process is to list all the potential leads, track where you are with a current lead (contact, interview, present, negotiate or buy), next step, and expected due date. That’s it! Build a list of 10 retailers, 200 stores/division buyers and restaurants, or 2000 other leads and you are off to work your plan and track your progress. This also will allow you to better delegate portions of the process and track all updates and needs quickly. This system will help you with sales, faster close-times, and more income for your food enterprise.

A.  Track the Lead Process
1. Contact
2. Interview
3. Present
4. Negotiate
5. Buy

B.  Next Step? 
1. Contact
2. Interview
3. Present
4. Negotiate
5. Buy

C.  And the Due Date?


What accounts will you load into your database of sales leads and begin this process? Begin now to load your prospects into the Wave Selling System or your sales lead program database with these indications. Also, I have a comprehensive list of possible spots to sell your products on this site under list of food retail locations.

1.    Small individual accounts in and around your market base.
a.      Take out a map and draw a ring of 150 miles around your home base.
b.      Use Mapping Software to draw 150 mile ring around your home base.
c.       List the major cities that fall in this area and use it to build opportunity lists and events.
2.    Top National Grocery Accounts In your Region
3.    Other Channels
a.       Mass Merchandisers
b.      Warehouse Clubs
c.       Dollar Stores
d.      Convenience Stores
e.      Military Commissaries
f.        All Natural/Healthfood
g.       Gourmet
h.      Asian/Ethnic Retailers
i.         Direct to Consumer
j.        Other Appropriate locations

As you expand and grow your network of retailers, distributors, and new consumers it will become necessary to manage the overall marketing relationship with this growing group in total and not on an account by account basis. A comprehensive marketing plan will allow you to accomplish much more in the limited time you have available along with my “9 Pillars.”

Innovative Solutions for Buyers
You can find below my “Tim’s 9 Pillars” of success for food brands along with my quick video on the subject at this link -

Product Innovation
Your product needs to satisfy consumer’s unmet needs.

Creative Execution
You will receive much more attention and orders if your merchandising, marketing, promotions, and any advertising along with collateral materials are intelligent and well thought out for the product and category.

Consumer Centric
Demonstrate you know who your target market is and how you effectively connect with them via social media, advertising, events and fairs, along with marketing efforts and surveys. You will need to demonstrate an effective knowledge of your consumer market and understanding of their needs.

Retail Insights
The buyer will be seeking your guidance and advice on success with his product category. Show them you understand your consumer with specific and knowledgeable data that be used in merchandising your item.

Consumer Connected
How is your product connected to consumers?

Strong Brand
Effectiveness at differentiating a line or brand

Effectiveness at lifting sales in the category.

Traffic Builder
You must demonstrate effectiveness at bringing new consumers to the category or department of the retail location. In some cases, the buyer will be looking for you to generate traffic. Prove your case and win with big sales.

Business Case
Hard evidence of market-specific success for your buyer to extrapolate sales and revenue success.

The current market situation demands innovation and solutions for consumer needs like never before. There are literally 1000’s of awesome new products and opportunities for buyers to purchase items for their location. This quick overview should provide a framework for you to effectively improve upon and build your value offering for the trade.

If you have any questions, be sure to send a note and to sign-up for my insightful and occasional updates at this link.

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