October 23, 2012

There is still time... The Master Class 'Food Market Growth 2013!'

There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your food enterprise in 2013 with Tim Forrest. This course will assist your food business and impact your growth in 2013.

Food Market Growth 2013: The Master Class
with Tim Forrest

You’re selling a bit, even though it’s a bit inconsistent, and you’re wondering just how you’re going to be able to take your food product and sales to the next level. 

You need a little more insight. You want more than just some vague ideas to get you moving forward. You need experience and real world advice that will take you to the next level and beyond. You are seeking a way to achieve your goals with the limited resources you have available and quickly. Tim Forrest has just the thing for you.
Introducing Food Market Growth 2013: The Master Class
Join this 6 week course that promises to work hard with you to keep your commitment to growing your food business, to help you improve your sales with sound strategy and planning, to show you to how to be more productive than ever before, and to equip you for even more success than you may thought possible for your products and company.

Each week is packed with advice, lessons, tips, and homework all designed to help you build up your food business. You’ll receive a mix of email instruction, video tutorials, and live online interactive sessions dedicated to helping you step up your game. Tim even has some special interviews with successful brand marketers, world-class branding experts, and more. One interview features the how-to’s of selling a million dollars in one day direct to consumers!

And when we say “step up your game,” we’re not fooling around. Wait until you see what will be asked of you in the first lesson. Hint: it’s a commitment that you’ll feel pretty squirrelly about saying no to, but that if you do, you’ll have to ask whether you’re all that eager to improve your food business.

Here’s What You Get:
* 6 weeks of action-packed food marketing workshops, insights, real-world million dollar lessons, and homework.
* 4 video tutorials featuring Tim Forrest.

* 2 live interactive sessions with Tim Forrest and other food entrepreneurs (across a few time zones to accommodate people).

* 2 opportunities for personal product and action planning critiques from Tim.

* Plenty of promotion and sharing of your products and items you’re most proud of and ready to sell.

* Nearly unlimited email access during your course with Tim Forrest.

This course costs $597 USD, but if you’re a subscriber to the Tim Forrest Markets Newsletter, we’ll give you $100 off (so, it’s $497).

Are you ready?


Purchase today and I will send a listing of the top 15 food retailers in each USA city/market for the entire country! You will see market shares, sales, number of stores, and who the top retailers are for your market growth activity!  That’s for every market in the USA as you grow! 

Normally $197.00, you get it free today with the purchase of Food Market Growth 2013: The Master Class

Yes, I want to register and get the $100 discount, PLUS Top 15 Food Retailers by City for FREE.


No thanks, I’d rather pay you the extra $100 and not subscribe to the newsletter.  


We are looking forward to bringing you the tools and support to build your success. Prepare now to make 2013 the best year in your company's history!
Reminder, by taking advantage of the $100 discount you are agreeing to subscribe to the free Tim Forrest Newsletter.
As always, If this program doesn’t give you the value you expected, just let us know. 
I will take care of you.

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