September 17, 2012

There are no Shortcuts in this business, just paths to Success.

Last week, I was working with a wonderful company in the Northeast and our conversation turned to geographical growth, new markets, and additional retail locations.We decided that we had much to cover in our present markets prior to entering many new and far flung regions of the USA.
The Path to Success is Sequential and Necessary.

This occurs in so many of my conversations with clients, the need to focus on the importance of ‘earning it’ and understanding there is no shortcut to success. Each step must be covered or the client would be placing their entire enterprise at jeopardy.

I can share situation after situation from my decades of experience where either I skipped an important step in the process thinking it was faster or a client marched ahead of the required process only to find roadblocks, stumbling points, or cliffs with tremendous falls.

One friend added more than 5,000 retail locations nationally only to find they had neglected their primary market and business. Today they are no longer in operation.  They skipped many steps along the way and shared some of the pain in an interview on this site.

  1. Are you trying to bypass the necessary steps to your company’s success?
  2. Do you fully understand what is required to make your company succeed?
  3. Are you on the path to victory or bypassing important milestones and necessary foundations required for further strength for your brand and company?
There are a myriad of actions required along the road to your product and company’s success. 
A few of those steps might include:
  • Mastering your current market.  
  • What is your ACV in your primary region?
  • Is your product or service for customers truly innovative or just available?
  • Have you discovered creative methods of sharing your product value with clients, customers, and consumers?
  • Do you understand your core consumer and can you share insights on their purchase behavior with your customers?
  • What significant retail insights can you provide to the category manager and customers to improve their retail merchandising?
  • How does your product perform in the category? Are you consistently outperforming your competition?
  • How do your systems work for new customers and bringing foot traffic to your category and product?
  • Have you built a strong business case for your product and can you relate that information to your buyer?

You can start by considering your necessary actions and laying out a game plan that identifies the steps and important actions along with consumer recognition required for you to withstand the bright lights of future success.

Get going along your path, know what is required of each step, and make the necessary commitments to facilitate each and every action that is important for your success.

Build your company from a position of strength and make the right things happen on time.

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