August 8, 2012

Your Million Dollar Tip!

In college, I created a system for achieving goals, labeled it my ‘dream achiever,’ and amazingly it has proved resoundingly effective over the years. This same process is readily built into my actions and planning for clients today.  Millions of dollars in new revenue, million dollar opening orders, Food Network Show placement and endorsements, along with various clients on QVC, retail growth and incredible new business expansion overseas for clients ALL can claim this one simple insight. My insight is building backwards from your goal.
The process is so simple and effective that we often lose sight amid the hum and activity of our routines and actions.  Record your goal and then build your bridge to success in reverse. What are all the steps from your goal to where you are now? Who do you need to meet along the way? What resources will you need to accomplish each step – remember this paradigm works by working back from your goal and to your current position.

Determine the outcomes, results, and achievements that are desired for your product and company. Once settled, you can then see the fastest route and simplest method for achieving this success. The assistance of someone that has been to the horizons you seek will accelerate this process for your goal attainment.

Congratulations on your current level of success. Where do you want to go in the coming year? For the deeper analysis and step-by-step action plans be sure to sign-up at this link.

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