August 7, 2012

Category Success for your Innovative Product!

Should you promote the category instead of your product?

My experience growing and building consumer product brands for the past 25 years has repeatedly  taught me the importance of selling, building, and promoting the category while pushing acceptance for your product with massive social proof and consumer testimonials. If you are innovative and possibly the creator of the category then your success rides on the success of the retailer's category along with your products consumer awareness.

One product example of this effort is Bio-Oil. They have done just that with their consumer market efforts and trade communication. 

They are touting the fact they are #1 in a category of their own making. They dominate a category with sales approaching only $15 million in grocery stores, drug stores, and large chain merchandise stores. This example perfectly demonstrates how you can consider your innovative product as its own category and push to promote the category for space, promotions, and acceptance. 

There are various nuances and issues to consider with a category perspective for new items.  You will be forced to make market action decisions and push for consumer alignment with this decision.
Who is the buyer and category manager?
Where in the store will the item seek placement?
What category can it reside until we gain category space?
Where will we promote the item?
What promotion vehicles will be pertinent?
What larger category promotions can be developed to include your item?
Remember, a strong competitive entrant to your created category will often result in revenue increases for everyone as they assist driving new consumers to the category.
Your new innovative product might be part of a larger promotion, but it might never stand alone in an individual promotion due to the nature and size of your new item sales. Navigate these various areas for your products success and sales.

In tandem with the category development Bio-Oil boosted confidence in the category with consumer testimonials and social proof via various awards over the years.

Awards and PR - Link

Testimonials - Link

Success leaves clues. Bio-Oil shares a formula for success by introducing their niche brand into the market and growing from a position of strength with their efforts of promoting the category, collecting awards with PR strength, and sharing consumer testimonials.

Much continued success with your growth and new distribution. You can receive greater details, insight, and action steps for your products by signing-up for my direct emails at this LINK.

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