August 6, 2012

American Cheese Society Conference and Awards

 Just returned from the American Cheese Society Conference and Awards this past week.  It was exciting to meet so many nice folks involved in the US Cheese industry along with seeing others that I have either judged alongside or worked with on various projects and food products.

Also, I was able to add to my knowledge of cheese with the various categories, classifications, and new items in the world of cheese. 

There are 6 basic categories for cheese.
  1. Fresh Cheese
  2. Soft Cheese
  3. Semi-Soft Cheese
  4. Firm Cheese
  5. Hard Cheese
  6. Processed Cheese

Milk Types Used in Cheese
  • Cow
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Other 

Pasteurized or Raw Milk
Organic or Traditional Milk

It is thought the first cheese was produced about 3,000 years ago in a small island village in Greece.

Cheesemonger - a person who sells cheese, broker, or dealer.

Cheese Tasting Tips
1. Examine appearance - look for even color and consistent texture throughout the cheese.
2. Smell the aroma.
3. Taste the cheese.Pay attention to the first flavor and as you chew savor the final flavor.
4. Evaluate the flavor. 

A 'turophile' is a connoisseur of cheese. It is Greek for cheese-lover.

It was a fun and productive time at the event along with enjoying literally 100's of great tasting cheeses. 

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