May 22, 2012

Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru, Interviews Tim Forrest

Last week, Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru contacted me about doing and interview and I was excited to take a few moments and share with him my thoughts and experiences working with Global Food Brands.

You can watch the recorded video above or at this link.

One of the areas Steve is interested is my experience with Global Food brands and how that relates to his clients and others around the United States and world.

Quickly, I shared a several thoughts on why the largest food companies are successful and continue to dominate their markets.

Global Brands expand their knowledge and study their ideal consumer and customer base. Day after day, I work with clients and companies that think making the best product or perfecting their recipe will generate the interest, sales, and success they are looking for based on their wants and likes. Global Brands build for the consumer and share their insight with the partners because they know the market is a battle of perception and not product.

Global Brands understand the distinction and need to communicate differently with Customers, Consumers, and Shoppers. At this link I prepared a graphic to emphasize these differences titled Customers, Consumers, and Shoppers along with images of the differences. It might seem inconsequential to some but this is the key in so many areas for food company success.

Global Brands get it. They know the consumers perception is their future. Global Brands are not launched overnight and they have had centuries to get it right with incremental improvement. In the interview, Steve mentioned my association with Nestle, Keebler, Unilever, and Wally Amos. Collectively, the four companies have been in business for 481+ years! Wally is the only one that started his company in our lifetime and is in the Smithsonian for his achievement.
Have a wonderful week and I will be teaching my 9 Pillars of Global Food Brand Marketing at Tim's Roundtable this summer.

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