May 18, 2012

Reflections of success...

Are you touting your better product or filling consumer needs?

One of my clients forwarded his latest company write-up in the press and another shared his latest success this past Tuesday.  A client project from last year resulted in an addition of millions in sales and 400 additional employees to meet demand for the processor. One of the largest specialty retailers in the USA just sent an email to my client requesting a meeting based on the website and internet plan we put in place.

The Other Guy.

Where did all the new business and success originate? What was the source that you should consider in your efforts? My suggestion and demand is the other guy.

We built and took action based on the wants and needs of other folks - buyers, consumers, distributors, and shoppers along with a journalist or two. Global food brands listen to focus groups, consumers, and test markets.  They best capture data from consumer interaction. Are you taking the same actions or are you and your team building according to your perspective. Consumers are not looking for the highest quality or best rated item. Consumers want their needs fulfilled. 

Fill them and talk to consumers in language they understand for roaring success!

Each success was based on the needs of others incorporated into the action plan, programs, communication, and effort aimed at their particular ideal consumer. Simple. 

Recently, several friends asked me to print some of my beach shots and my printing advisor suggested the best option and not the most expensive. Her comments resonate for anyone wanting to experience similar success, "based on your needs, this is your best option for presenting your beach scenes." Also, it was third of the cost of the 'best'' quality gloss option.

Have an awesome weekend.

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