May 20, 2012

Racing Weekend! J30 in the Classic Cup.

Raced this weekend in the annual Classic Cup and had an incredible exciting time. At one point my footing gave way and thought I was going to go overboard as we pushed towards the ending markers 39 and 40. I dug in and with all my effort combined with luck managed to stay out of the water.

Reminds me of probably every project of that I have worked over the years. We plan and map our routes and then our efforts hit reality and the retail marketplace. There are problems, setbacks, and hurdles to overcome and generally your preparation places you in a better position to bounce back or jump the hurdle that confronts your food enterprise. All of this effort combined with reality allows you to overcome the opportunities with greater finesse and success.

There are going to be problems and opportunities. The larger your dream and bigger your plans create ever larger obstacles. Be sure to have someone on your team that has seen the horizon you are seeking.

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