May 3, 2012

Barbecue Sauce Marketing 101 - BBQ Success!

North Carolina Museum accepts artifacts from Guy Parkers BBQ
Museum Receiving Artifacts
Guy Parkers BBQ Sauce CEO John Parker reached out for my assistance on growing and increasing exposure for his food business based in North Carolina. He found me by reading my site and decided it was time his business made some serious steps forward to achieve his growth plans.


John reached out for help with his company almost two years ago and we worked through the issues and built a marketing plan to take him to the next level. Along the way, we discovered opportunity and additional success that only comes from effort, preparation, and much hard work! Guy Parker would be proud of the effort.
Our Barbecue Marketing 101 class began with creating his product marketing sheet. The basic tool for his growth and communication on setting-up his product sales effort in retailers, distributors, and other interested customers including the national chains. He focused on creating a 'Ripple Effect' with all of his actions and customers in the region. The goal was to apply effort with multiple payoff in various customers.

Marketing 101 - 
We priced his product appropriate for distribution and retail channel.
Added the 50th Anniversary to his marketing effort.
Sought help from his mayor and city council on marketing efforts.
Sent samples and contacted media.
Completed heavy sampling in region gaining additional media exposure.
Shared our "First Integrated Restaurant in Area History" via press release
Examined and began marketing the health benefits of the sauce.
Built recipes for vegetarian, beverage usage, and other proteins.

Listen to the audio above as John Parker shares his experience growing and impacting his BBQ Sauce market in North Carolina.  It has been an incredible time of growth, recognition, and personal pride for the Parker family. I have been fortunate to participate and partner with the growth. Earlier, Guy Parkers BBQ was selling a great sauce and now they are sharing a rich history filled with examples and great benefits for consumers based on current trends.

This is a copy of the letter from the city council and mayor of the city. The letter was instrumental in getting the recognition by the museum and media for Guy Parkers BBQ Sauce.

Today, Guy Parkers BBQ can be found in Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Piggly Wiggly, and  various other retailers and outlets.

Guy Parkers BBQ Sauce is growing!

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